Monday, July 9, 2012

Seattle Bound

Once again I have been delinquent in my blog posting as life gets hectic! I am writing this post as Kent and I return from a weekend in Charlottesville, VA. I had a work presentation on Wednesday and Thursday of last week and Kent joined me on Thursday.
My work went well. I presented at a conference on co-occurring youth in the justice system. The meeting was held in Bethesda but I managed to get into DC a couple of times. I also had the opportunity for the first time to see the Walter Reed Medical Center. I went out for a run in Bethesda and specifically took a route that would take me by the hospital since I've never seen it.
I also too the opportunity to go visit the US Supreme Court on the eve of the big announcement on the Affordable Care Act. It was exciting to be in DC during the time the court maxed it's big announcement. We were all huddled around a TV in the hotel watching the announcement. I am so please that the high court upheld the law. I find it hard to believe that their are so many people that one don't fully understand the law and two that don't support universal health care. I'm sure that support for the law will increase as time goes by.

Once Kent got to town we headed right down to Charlottesville where we spent two days hiking in the Shenandoah's on two separate hikes. One on Friday that was 10.4 miles and then one on Saturday that was 8 miles. I also managed to get in a couple of 6 mile runs in while in town.

It was really hot while we were in town. When we finished our hike on Friday the temperature was 102! Going for runs was fine but I had to get up extra early so not to run in the heat of the day! W really enjoyed our hikes. Both were challenging and interesting. We took the time one day to take a dip in a stream along the way to cool off. We saw a big black bear from the car on one of the days.
We went to a movie on the hottest evening to stay cool. We had some great meals while we were in town. Our favorite was Tavola, which Kent found on Yelp.
We went to the home of James Monroe on one of the days which was very interesting as well. W have been to Charlottesville 5-6 times over the years and everything leave wanting to come back for another visit.
Funny thing is - we will be back here in a three short weeks to Virginia for yet another work conference. W will fly into Richmond this time and then spend time in Williamsburg and surrounding areas.
Finally as we travel we keep looking for houses. We are actually going to look at four houses tonight when we get home. We are keeping our realtor busy. We are particularly intrigued by a house in the Ravenna neighborhood that has a walk score of 92 and is near to many of the things we enjoy the most. Keeping our fingers crossed that the perfect place comes along!
Have a good one - I'll keep you posted on the house hunting!
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