Wednesday, July 25, 2012

House Hunt Continues

Well we are now up to making offers on a total of four houses only to be outbid. Here are the first two houses as a reminder.

House number one was what we called the Alki house. Located 7 houses down from Alki beach in West Seattle.

House number two was the Ravenna house located near the University of Washington.

Here are pictures of the latest two houses.

House number three was Alki II. It was a great place located two blocks in two different directions to Alki Beach.

House number four was located in the Genesee neighborhood of West Seattle.

The search continues.....

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  1. All very interesting houses #1 and #4 I find most interesting. I am sure THE ONE is just waiting out there, perhaps it is not quite ready to be on the market but will show up at the most perfect moment. M

  2. A pretty good and pleasant home environment for happiness.