Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday - the gay way!

So you know that Kent and I are huge sports fans. We have season tickets to UW football and Basketball. And while we also enjoy professional sports out main interest lies with college sports. Having said that of course we had to catch yesterday's Super Bowl game - Madonna was the half time entertainment! My coming out years were filled with memories of dancing to Madonna songs. The release of her first album the self titled Madonna coincided with my coming out in 1983. Oh the memories.....

Any way I thought I would share a sting of text messages between gay guys durning a Super Bowl so you could get some insight into how we watch the game - I have to say - I think "we" have more fun that the average straight guy watching!

Here goes the text conversation between four gay guys watching the game.

"are you watching the super bowl?"

"I am watching the Super Bowl."

"Yes, go ny!"

"Tom Brady is cuter - I'm going for NY!"

"I'm rootin for Giants too. Eli has a hot butt."

"Tom Brady is cute. we're rooting for NE too"

"Brady is way too cute."

"Brady's wife looks like a classic football Ho"

"I don't like the grey pants. they're ugly. however, light colored pants show off packages better. so that's always good"

"Eli has quite a package."

"this is why football is so great. it's so accessible from many different angles and interests."

"We are such butch sports guys."

"nice catch"

"I like the lower scoring game. this is what a football score should be. college football is missing better defenses."

"Even though the score is low it's been a good game."


"I think good defenses make the game better."

"as long as there is some offense too"

"Good ref calls so far"

"That was pretty slick. The fall down that didn't work."

"if your hands touch it, you should catch it. no excuses"

"Wow. NE blows 3 plays."

"Yay, NY!" - (editorial - he was originally going for NE!)

"Good ending"

"Madonna looked really good for an old lady"

"She's had work done."

"Is she about your age?"

Lol! That last comment put an end to the conversation! So next time you are watching a game just know how much more fun we are having!

Have a good one -


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  1. You bad boys do have fun! A lot more football players in tight pants than cheer leader in short skirts!
    Ain't we got fun!