Monday, February 13, 2012

Schram: Don't derail such a momentous milestone

From KOMO News

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- It's been a long time coming.

Washington is now the 7th state in the nation where same sex marriage is legal.

With a broad stroke of her pen, Gov. Chris Gregoire put her signature to the state legislature's effort of marriage equality.

It becomes law on June 7.

Actually, that's when it should take effect. If opponents have their way, marriage equality will at best be delayed and at worst denied.

120,057 valid voter signatures will create a referendum to challenge the new law. 241,153 valid voter signatures will create an initiative defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

Both measures would then be on the ballot in November, giving the majority control over minority rights.

It's a disaster in the making.

Voters could keep marriage equality by defeating the referendum, and at the same time uphold state statutes that prohibit marriage equality by passing the initiative.

State lawmakers did something momentous.

The governor signed it into law.

In the months ahead we will have to be very careful to keep those who are narrow-minded, spiteful and oh-so-damn crafty, from preventing marriage equality from becoming the reality same sex couples deserve.

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  1. June 7th is perfect! what better day than Dad's birthday for you to finally get your right to marry the man you love!
    Love Mom & Dad
    PS thanks for the valentinefrom you and Kent!

  2. Consistent with "reverse positioning" understand the REAL Second coming would equate with The Matrix's Anti-Christ, the fake battle of good and evil which will come at the end.
    I have spoken on this issue in years past. Understanding how they use the political environment to redefine people's value system, realize anyone who speaks of the old world and its ways will envoke hatred. So when/if the Anti-Christ comes along speaking of reverting back to what liberalism would consider repressed and immoral may be the only hope to salvage the god's favor and keep moving forward rather than begin the 1000 year clock. The fake Second Coming will feed into this political enviornment.
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