Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where to begin....

It's hard to believe that next week is already the last full week of January!  How he hell did that happen?  It's been a crazy busy month between work, snow, ice and colds!  I am fighting off a cold that has been hanging on the better part of the last two weeks.  Feels like I am on the mend although I did go sleep on the couch last night so not to keep Kent up all night! 

As you can see by the blog postings or re-postings to be more accurate, I've been following the saga of Marriage Equality fairly close.  Tomorrow in Olympia is a hearing in both the House and the Senate that I plan to attend.  I will sign up to testify although and hope I get selected although it's doubtful - there will be so many people that they will select individuals at random.  Still going to give it a try.  I'll keep you posted.  I have also taken the entire day off on 2/16/12  - it's Marriage Equality Lobby Day.  I would love if anyone wants to join me!

The ice and snow that we had last week in nearly gone.  What a mess it was!  People across the county see us as wimps here in the Northwest when it comes to snow and but the ice storm we had was a real challenge.  Kent was in Denver on business and since they closed all three runways at SeaTac for the better part of Thursday morning his flight was canceled.  Being skiers I have not problem driving in the snow and we have a 4-wheel drive but the ice was another story!  Here are a few more pictures from our yard.  In the end there was significant tree damage.  We will have to take several out that were damaged or destroyed.

Lastly - I've been working on taking off weight that has crept on over the past 5-6 months.  It's such a challenge for me.  It's a challenge to get running in during the winter when I hate running in the dark.  Thankfully the days are slowly getting longer.  I noticed on Saturday when we were leaving a basketball game at 5:20pm it was still kinda light out! I have decided that my next destination marathon will be in Chicago in October. In the mean time I'll probably hit a local one and several half marathons.  To help get the weight off I joined Weight Watchers for Men online.  I am really enjoying it.  I love the flexibility of the program and the app for the iPhone.  Weight Watchers has always worked for me so it feels good to commit and get serious about taking off about 15-20 pounds.  I'll blog more about that later.  Marathon completion time always go up when my weight is down!

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