Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ornament II

While in San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl Kent and I picked up a couple more ornaments for the tree. So very Texas!

Christmas cactus and The Alamo ball.

Finally when I was taking down the tree I discovered this 787 that Kent picked up - he's moved on to a new program at Boeing but the 787 consumed a lot of his time over the past several years and is fitting to be a part of our tree.

Glad to be done with Christmas. Ready for 2012 and all my resolutions which will be a blog post of its own! Since I was able to get in three long runs while in Texas, I continued the streak and started the day off with a nice 7.5 mile run around the neighborhood.

We took in our first movie of 2012 today. We saw Young Adult. I gave it a B, while Kent have it a C+. Charlize Theron was excellent.

Finally not sure if it will go anyplace or not - but we are going to look at a new house tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

Later -

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