Thursday, September 1, 2011

Final full day at the Lake

Well it's Thursday which means that tomorrow we conclude yet another year of rest and relaxation at Lake Chelan. Kent and I are very lucky and have opportunity to travel quite a bit throughout the year but our week at the lake each year is a favorite. It's a week of complete relaxation. It's always sad to see the week come to an end but we are comforted by picking up the dogs and heading home just in time for the Husky Football season to start. Saturday is our first home game of the season against Eastern Washington University. Since Kent graduated from each we have divided loyalty but in the end we want the Dawgs to win in this particular matchup!

Following the game on Saturday we are headed to Jazz Alley in Seattle to see the Rebirth Brass Band. While in New Orleans a couple of years ago I heard them at a local jazz club and look forward to seeing them again! Kent thinks I've packed in to many things for the weekend but since it's a three day weekend we still have time!

I went on my final long run of this year at the lake of 15 miles this morning.

I started at the condo -

And ran 7.5 miles down the south shore of the lake and back. I took several pictures along the way this morning to post.

Although I did not know it would end in a 15 mile run when I started out this morning I knew I wanted to run as far as the memorial for the 1945 bus crash that claimed the lives of 15 Chelan school children. It's a sad story and if I think of it I will add a link to the story later. On the way back I snapped a few shots of the lake view I had on my morning run.

I also took took the time to snap two shots of a couple of my favorite lake homes.

Here are a few of the final pictures from my run.

We went back up to the golf course and hit a few balls and had lunch.

The following are a few pictures to round out our trip.

My final float in the lake for 2011.

Thursday evening Farmers Market in Chelan.

Time to deflate all the lake toys!

Beautiful clouds in the sky tonight.

We pick up the pups early tomorrow morning and then head home.

Final picture of the week is a photo taken from our security cams at home while we are at the lake. This is our neighbor Gabby and her Mom Eliza who came over and took care of our fish in the back pond while we were gone. I love this picture of Gabby waving at the camera! Hilarious!

Have a good one -


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