Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Call us crazy.......

I'm not sure why I even go to Pet Finders website or Gingers Pet Rescue but for whatever reason I was looking and there he was!

How could you resist! We did not act right away and assumed he would be adopted right away and low and behold he was listed as adopted. Ginger's Pet Rescue was having an adoption event so we decided to stop in and show everyone Maggie since it's been just about one year since we adopted her. Much to our surprise there he was - he had been adopted and returned! The guy who adopted him was in his 70's and "Bobby Landin" peed on his bed and ended up back for us to consider. We waited until the following Monday and assumed once again that he would be gone. When I called on Monday and found out that indeed he was still looking for a forever home it seemed like it was met to be.

Kent and I picked him up and had him spend the night with us and our other dogs and decided to add him to the family!

Since we are headed to Nebraska this weekend for a Husky away game we asked his current foster mom if she would watch him until Monday and we would pick him up when we return.

We have narrowed his name to a short list of Harry, Buster or Tucker. He's a 6 month old Havanese/Maltese mix.

Wish us luck!

Later -

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