Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm still in my 40's!

Well for one more day! I wanted to share an email that my Mom sent to my brother and I that I thought was very sweet. Thanks Mom. Don't stop reading until you read the follow up email - she cracks me up! I'm on the left, my twin brother Andy is in the middle and my younger brother David is on the right.

Subject: Your First Picture
Sent: 11/17/13

Dear Jim and Andy;

Nov,17,1963 was the first visual image I ever saw of you. The doctor who eventually
agreed to order them was mad at me because he didn't believe I was carrying twins, and thought it was a waste of time. Doctor Solberg was out of town. So I subjected the two of you to x-rays, and the nurse let me look at you before she told the Doctor. Even in black and white imagery you were the most perfect picture I had ever seen. Jim looking for the world like he was ready to head out of there and Andy calmly sitting on Jims butt.. I could never find a way to express my absolute awe of seeing you, as a part of and yet completely separate of me. As I drove home my western music on the radio was interrupted by the news that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas Texas. He was the first president who I recognized as MY President. But even his shocking death could not erase the awe of your picture. Customers and friends always said they were unsure who stirred the most excitement the President or the two of you. So many people rejoiced with my news. They couldn't tell by the x-rays if you were boys or girls, but I knew. For I had requested you right from God. Doctor Solberg guessed by the heart beat that you were both boys. Seventeen days later you made your debut. You have been my joy ever since. So happy first picture day; from your Mom who has been rejoicing for fifty years. I pray that you will each have fifty more. Thank you for being just exactly who you are.
Love and prayers always

Subject: Mistaken Date
Sent: 11/20/13

I was watching TV on the 17 and the assignation was on and I assumed it was the day President Kennedy was killed, but it was on the 22nd of November that it happened and 12 days not 17 days later the two of you were born. It should be the correct dates so please correct your history. I love you Mom

Love you Mom!

Later - Jim

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