Monday, December 30, 2013

Can you believe it's the end of 2013? WTF! Where did the time go?! I have not blogged as consistently as I should but I have maintained enough to say I still have a blog! Last I left off I had just turned 50! It's hard to believe that too!

December was busy month so I thought I would post a few pictures since my 50th with a few remarks. Seems like a lot has happened in less than a month.

Our beautiful home this Christmas. We are so blessed to have moved into such a great neighborhood and into such a great house that we continue to upgrade and make our own.

We had a wonderful neighborhood Christmas party which included our friends and new neighbors this year. We shared the honors with Dave and Corrine next door - they did savories and we did dessert. Had about 45 people stop by.

Our friends Chuck and Carla invited us to the finals of NCAA volleyball at Key Arena! Great fun and great volleyball.

Final basketball game before Christmas.

Party at Sean and Barbara's - Teddy looking his best!

An evening with Buzz and Diane and our dear friend and their daughter Barbara.

Trip to Wenatchee for Christmas Eve with Kent's family and Christmas Eve dinner in Leavenworth.

Home on Christmas Day - just the two of us and our pups. Frog was from my parents - hilarious!

San Fran for the bowl game!

Out of order picture of Harry - this was Christmas Day.

Our new mascot courtesy of Cammy and Dean!

Friend of Heidi's from the Bay Area - go Dawgs!

Bowl game fun with great friends - Dawgs won over BYU!

Train trip on Amtrak from Bay Area to LA. Loved our trip on the train and met wonderful people!

Ended our winter break in Palm Springs with lots of relaxation and hiking! Love the desert in the winter!

This pretty much sums up our December. We are having dinner with friends tomorrow evening for New Year's Eve which we are looking forward to.

Couple things the pictures did not depict which are important - in December I got a promotion at work and will be the new director of our division. It's a big job that I am both honored and excited to be given the opportunity to take on. 2014 will be an exciting and challenging year.

Lastly we purchased an iPad mini for my parents for Christmas. It's been fun to use both FaceTime and to text with them more regularly. Can't wait to visit with them in a few months and show them even more features.

Happy New Year!

Later - Jim

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