Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Kayaks!

Kent and I have been talking for years about getting kayaks and have never felt like the timing and or our location was such that we would use them regularly. Space for storage was also an issue. Well - no more! We picked up a couple from Costco last week and took them out for the first time this weekend. They are pretty basic models but will definitely meet our needs.
It was a bit tricky getting them home.

Once we figured that out there was the matter of storing them and how to transport them. We went to REI and bought these great Thule racks and now we are good to go!

We are so lucky that 3 minutes from our house we have a very small little known park where we can launch.

We had a great time and went out both Saturday and Sunday. The great thing is from our launch point we can explore both Lake Washington and Lake Union.

Here's to many kayaking adventures!
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