Saturday, June 1, 2013

Better late than never...

I swear - I really need to learn to relax. I have a terrible habit of filling up every second of every day and then before I know it a week or more has passed and I've not posted.

Kent and I have been busy - between SIFF and a short visit from my parents we have been on the go. Not to mention a little gardening in between!

We had a nice visit with my parents albeit a brief visit. We went to a couple of baseball games and movies with them and celebrated Mom's 73rd birthday! Happy birthday Mom! I made a huge carrot cake which we made a pretty good dent in before they left.

We saw two Husky Baseball games - the last of the season.

We took Mom and Dad on the Metro to see the Great Gadsby - which was not to great!

Mom helped me with some gardening while Kent and Dad went to the Hardware store to pick up supplies for a project he was working on. We ended our three days together having a birthday dinner for both Mom and Dad at Ivar's on Lake Union. It was great!

Finally - Mom and Dad brought us 10 new plants for our yard for a house warming gift which we loved. Here is a picture of some that I put into a pot near the garage.

Today Kent got a major project to lift up the ceiling in the garage which had begun to sag and I spent the day planting and working in the yard. We are now in line to see our 11th film of the SIFF this year. I'll post about them when the festival is over but we have seen some terrific movies this year!

Later - Jim

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