Saturday, April 20, 2013

Savannah Trip

It's time to wind down our Savannah trip and head home. We leave tomorrow and get home in time to have a few hours to relax before turning around and going back to work.

Glad the whole Boston incident is over - what drama. Time for healing and accountability. I thought it was cool to see news accounts of people celebrating in the streets following the capture of the second guy. It reminded me of the celebrations in the streets of Seattle election night when gay marriage passed in WA. Although I ran Boston in 2011, I'm interested in qualifying to run again and being a part of it again in the next few years! Guess I'll concentrate now on my next marathon which is Boise next month.

Anyway back to our Savannah weekend. We had a great time in Savannah. It's a lovely place with all the Squares and beautiful old homes.

We of course visited the Mercer House - the former home of Jim Williams - made famous from the book - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. That book was the first gift Kent gave me for my 34th birthday after we had been dating just over a month in 1997. Great book - terrible movie. Last time we were in Savannah the house was not open to tours. This time it was so we were able to see the room where the murder took place!

We spent most of our time in old town and on the first evening went on a ghost walking tour.

On Friday we went over to South Carolina to Ft. Pulaski and to Beaufort.

We went to see Oblivion after going out to dinner. We have some great meals!

We both took advantage of the weather and got in a couple good runs. This morning was 7 miles along the river and back around to the park.

As usual we went to the local farmers market before heading out of town.

We decided that since we have never been to Augusta that we would drive back to Atlanta for our flight home tomorrow via Augusta. While there we took in a canal tour which we really enjoyed!

Planning on getting into Atlanta on time to have an Italian dinner before calling it an evening.

It's been a great trip but we are both looking forward to getting home to see our pups.

Later -


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  1. Wow you make our heads swim; Perhaps in our next Life we will come back as your luggage! Glad you had a nice time and yes I am glad the hunt is over too! Looking forward to talking to you tomorrow. Oh ; I will also be checking m mail. Love Mom & Dad too