Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Central Park Run

Well the Huskies lost last night which is always a bummer but the season has to come to an end sometime. The great thing about traveling to an away game is the trip is NEVER a bust based on wether or not the team wins or loses. It's of course a bonus if they win but we always make the best of it and have a great time. What's not to love about New York City! In addition to getting to run in Central Park we are taking in a couple of plays today and eating dinner and have marg's at Toloache - our favorite Mexican restaurant in the city!

We rented a condo that is directly across the street from Central Park. We made this choice because I wanted to make the most of running in the park. So run I did. Here is a map of this mornings run.

Plus I found a few facts about the park that I thought were interesting that I thought I'd pass on.

How big is Central Park?

843 acres or 6% of Manhattan's total acreage, including:
150 acres in 7 waterbodies
250 acres of lawns
136 acres of woodlands

How far is it around the whole of Central Park?

6 miles (2.5 miles north to south from 110th Street to 59th Street and .5 miles east to west from Fifth Avenue to Central Park West).

How far is it around the Reservoir Running Track?

1.58 miles

How far is it around the Great Lawn Oval?

.556 miles

How far is it around the Harlem Meer?

.8 miles

How far is it along the Park Drives?

Starting at Engineer's Gate at 90th St. and Fifth Avenue
Full Loop: 6.1 miles
Upper Loop, taking 102nd St. cutoff: 5.2 miles
Lower Loop, taking 72nd St. cutoff: 1.7 miles
Along the Bridle Path: 4.25 miles
Along all the pedestrian pathways: 58 miles

Here are a few pictures from my run.

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  1. Sorry about the loss, but glad you are filling your time with joy and culture! The weather looks good also. The park is beautiful and I understand it has a very interesting history. Enjoy your margaritas! Have one for me and a glass of milk for Dad (:-) Mom